The Arabia

Photography by Warren Lo 2005-2006

Ship Type: 3 Masted Barque
Lifespan: Built 1853, Sunk 1884
Length: 131ft
Depths: 110ft
Location: Tobermory, Ontario
GPS: N45 18.713 W081 40.444

This wreck lies just off the north east shore of Echo Island, outside of the harbour at Tobermory. The Arabia has long been considered the premiere wreck to dive in the Fathom Five National Marine Park. A 3 masted Barque, it was originally built in Kingston, Ontario and launched 1853. It fell victim to the unpredictable October weather in 1884 while enroute to Midland, Ontario, originating from Chicago, Illinois.

The wreck is perhaps one of the most intact in the area. One of the most impressive features of the wreck is it's bow with a prominent bowsprit. Other features of interest include it's three masts which lie by the side of the hull of the ship, the ship's wheel which lies near the stern of the ship (with a plaque adjacent to the wheel), anchors, deadeyes on the railing.

The conditions at the wreck can at times be challenging, often with low visibility, cold temperatures, and currents. Since the wreck's discovery in 1970, there have been a number of divers who have perished on the wreck, giving the wreck a reputation for being a dive only for experienced divers.  

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005-2006

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