The Henry C. Daryaw, St. Lawrence River, Brockville, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2007

Ship Type: Steel Freighter
Lifespan: Built 1919, Sunk 1941
Length: 219ft
Depths: 95ft
Location: St. Lawrence River,, Ontario
GPS: N44 31.590 W075 45.814

The Henry C. Daryaw was built in France in 1919. Originally a steel bulk freighter, it was converted to a bulk/package freighter in 1923. In November 1941, the Daryaw struck a shoal, which created a large breach on her starboard side. The ship eventually inverted and sank in between two shoals, resting at a depth of about 95 ft.  Because the wreck is located in a section of the St. Lawrence river that narrows, the current is generally very strong. The wreck has a mooring line which requires divers to pull themselves down to the wreck. Once on the wreck, the current is minimal while underneath the wreck, however, around the outside, the current can pick up quite considerably. 

Much of the what can be seen is underneath the overturned wreck where it is sheltered from current. There are lines that allow divers to pull themselves along the starboard side of the wreck towards the bow. Once at the bow, divers can ascend to the top of the wreck and fly the keel (since the wreck is inverted). As you approach the stern, two large props and a rudder appear protruding from the wreck. Be sure to grab the line and pull back to avoid being swept into the shipping channel.

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2007

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