The Philo Scoville

Photography by Warren Lo 2005

Ship Type: 325 ton Schooner
Lifespan: Built 1863, Sunk 1889
Length: 139ft
Depths: 35ft to 95ft
Location: Tobermory, Ontario
GPS: N45 16.134 W081 41.832

This wreck lies just off the north shore of Russel Island, outside of the harbour at Tobermory. The Scoville was originally built in Cleveland in 1863, and was another wreck that fell victim to rough October weather in 1889. It drifted off course and stuck Russel Island. It was enroute from Collingwood, Ontario to Escanaba, Michigan. The wreck lies on a slope, with it's bow at about 95 feet and it's stern in about 35 feet of water. 

Pictures taken August 24, 2005

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005