The San Jacinto

Photography by Warren Lo 2005

Ship Type: 265 ton Schooner
Lifespan: Built 1856 (Buffalo, NY), Sunk June 1881
Length: 120ft
Beam: 25ft
Depths: 75ft
Location: Tobermory, Ontario
GPS: N45.24.273 W081.47.722

This wreck lies in approximately 75 ft of water just off the west shore of Yeo Island, north of the harbour at Tobermory, Ontario. In June of 1881, it was making it's way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Collingwood, Ontario when it hit the Manitoba ledge just west of Yeo Island and sank. The hull is split open, but much of the ship still remains intact, including the windlass, rigging, and bilge pump. There is also a large anchor at the bow that sits almost upright.

The wreck is not dove quite as often as many of the other wrecks in Tobermory as it is about a 16 mile ride out to the wreck through open water, so conditions must be right. Here are some pictures from our dive.

Pictures taken August 23, 2005


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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005