Two Bits and The Oakville Rum Runner, Lake Ontario, Oakville, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2006

Ship Type: ??
Lifespan: ?? 
Length: 60 ft (Two Bits)
Depths: 75 ft
Location: 2 km out of Oakville Harbour at Six Mile River, Oakville, Ontario
GPS N43.25.217 W079.39.726

I don't really know much about these wrecks, actually, except that they are located just out of Oakville Harbour in about 75 ft of water. Because they are located close together (within about 100 ft of each other) they can both be dove as a single dive. Two Bits last served as a dive boat in the Midland-Penetanguishene area . 

Two Bits

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Oakville Rumrunner

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2006



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