The Bermingham Crane, Lake Ontario, Oakville, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2007

Ship Type: Tugboat & Crane
Lifespan: Built ???, Sunk Sometime in the mid 1980s 
Length: 150ft
Depths: 147 ft
Location: Lake Ontario, just out of Oakville Harbour, Oakville, Ontario
GPS: N 43 26.021 W079 36.985

This dive site is a relatively newly discovered site, featuring a fully extended crane lying on it's side. Also on site is a small work boat which is partially crushed by the crane. As well, a work shed on wheels can also be seen off to one side. From what is known about the origins of the wreckage, it seems to have been as a result of loss while being towed on a barge enroute from Hamilton to Toronto, The owner of the equipment was Bermingham construction in Hamilton, Ontario. As such, the crane has been named as the Bermingham Crane. During the tow, the barge encountered rough conditions, which resulted in the barge turning over and losing it's cargo.

The site itself is about 4 kilometers out from Oakville Harbour. Currently, the wreckage is not moored and is located in open water frequented by sail boats. Because of this, care must be taken to dive the site. As well, the depth of nearly 150 ft is beyond recreational limits and should be dove with careful planning. It can be pretty dark at depth, and bottom temperatures in the high 30s range. 

Source: Ian Marshall

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2007



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