The Wolfe Islander II, Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2006

Ship Type: Steel Passenger & Car Ferry
Lifespan: Built 1946, Scuttled 1985
Length: 164ft
Depths: 70-80ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
GPS N44.13.544 W076.25.043

The Wolfe Islander II began originally as the "Ottawa-Maybrook". Built in 1946, it was originally intended as a gift to China, but due to the communist takeover and the subsequent boycott of the communist government, it was converted to a side-loading passenger & car ferry and relocated to Kingston, Ontario. Here, it served the residents of Wolfe Island for many years, before it was intentionally scuttled in 1985. It was replace from service in 1975 by the Wolfe Islander III, which was more manoeverable, faster, and had a brand new bubbling system which provided year round service. The Wolfe Islander II was kept around for a while as a backup, but was eventually scuttled.

The Wolfe Islander is one of Kingston's most popular dive sites. Because of it's location, the site is generally fairly sheltered, making it a site that can be dove by divers of virtually all levels. Because it was intentionally scuttled, the wreck was prepared by removing hazardous parts of the wreck before it's sinking. The doors to the hatches have been removed to allow for some easy penetration, however, caution still needs to be exercised when doing so.

Dropping down on the stern, you will see the wheelhouse and it's open door.  A set of stairs lead down from the wheelhouse to the main ferry deck where the vehicles were loaded. There is an old motorcycle that was placed on the deck for a point of interest.

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2006



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