The Munson, Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2007

Ship Type: Wooden Dredge
Lifespan: Built ???o , Sunk 1890
Length: 250ft
Depths: 115ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
GPS: N 44 12.569 W 076 36.496

The Munson is an old dredging barge that was sank in the late 1800s. It doesn't resemble much of a typical barge, as it is a rectangular two level barge with a large arm and scoop located at one end. The Munson came to an unexpected end when she sank suddenly in 1890 while being towed. She had just finished a job ensuring the harbour entrance was maintained and deep enough for the launch of the Minnedosa. Just outside of Collins Bay off Lemoine Pt., the Munson began listing and taking on water. The tow lines were quickly cut and she sank in nearly 120 ft of water. 

The wreck itself is remarkably intact for it's age. As well, it is quite notable that many of the arifacts remain on the wreck, despite there being a time where scavenging wrecks was commonplace and widely accepted. Many of the tools and dishes that were aboard the Munson remain on display on the wreck. On the top deck, there are a number of tools and dishes scattered about, and on the lower deck exists a tool bench, also displaying an array of tools.

The conditions are often dark and cold, and can present a challenge to divers. As such, photography on the wreck can also be challenging at times. The wreck itself can be easily penetrated as it is fairly wide open, but care still must be taken to avoid any entanglement hazards.  

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2007



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