The Glendora, Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2007

Ship Wooden Schooner
Lifespan: Built 1882 in Kingston Ontario , Sunk 11/19/1887, recovered and scuttled 1925
Length: 166ft
Depths: 75ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
GPS N 44 08.558 W 076 38.052

This wreck, nicknamed "Glendora" was scuttled near Amherst Island. It was originally built by  R. Robertson in Kingston, Ontario in 1882. On November 19, 1887, she was being towed by the steamer, Glengarry, when it was torn loose in a storm and sank, with no loss of life. It was subsequently recovered and rebuilt as the Hector. Ultimately, it was scuttled in 1925.

The wreck is pretty well intact. There isn't a lot to see on the outside of the wreck, save a large prop at the stern. Most of the interesting parts of the wreck lie on the inside where there are a number of fallen timbers, but provide an interesting swim. There is a swimthrough on one side which leads to a stove. As the wreck was scuttled, much of the typical furnishings you would expect of a wreck are missing, presumably removed for their value prior to being scuttled. 

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2007



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