The George T. Davie, Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2006

Ship Type: Steel Barge
Lifespan: Built 1898, Sunk 1945
Length: 177ft
Depths: 95ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
GPS N44.06.790 W076.34.780

The George T. Davie is a steel barge that sank in 1945 just off Simcoe Island in Lake Ontario near Kingston, Ontario. It was carrying over 1000 tons of coal enroute to Kingston from Oswego NY on April 18, 1945, when the barge capsized and sank in heavy seas. The wreck now sits with a list on it's starboard side. Not much else is really known about the sinking of the wreck, other than the four crew members were rescued as no lives were lost.

The wreck itself has a number of interesting features to check out, including the shop's wheel, an intact lifeboat to its side, a crane, windlass, and cargo holds.  

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2006



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