The Kinghorn, St. Lawrence River, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2005

Ship Type: Schooner-Barge
Lifespan: Built 189?, Sunk 1897
Length: 130ft
Depths: 90ft
Location: St. Lawrence River,, Ontario
GPS: N44 22.616 W075 55.818

This wreck lies in about 90 feet of water in the St. Lawrence River, just in front of the marina in Rockport. The wreck can be done on a shore dive, but it is recommended that it be done on scooters or at the very least, double tanks. This schooner-barge was bound for Montreal in 1897 carrying a load of wheat when it sank during a heavy storm. 

Of interest on this wreck are a number of things, including the ship's windlass located near the bow of the wreck, the anchor chain and anchor, a number of hold openings on top of the deck, and the ship's wheel on the deck at the stern. Penetrating the wreck is fairly easy, but the silt inside is easily stirred up, so this is best done when there are relatively few divers present. Inside the wreck there is some decent light that penetrates through the openings in the deck, and you can see the wheel sitting on the deck from below. As well, there is a stove with some pottery in the middle. 

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005