The Sligo, Toronto Harbour, Toronto, Ontario

Pictures by Warren Lo 2005, 2007

Ship Type: 3 Masted Schooner
Lifespan: Built 1860, Sunk 1918
Length: 138ft
Depths: 65ft
Location: Humber Bay, Toronto, Ontario
GPS N43.36.900 W079.27.088

The Sligo is located just about 5 minutes out of the boat launch at Humber Bay park west, in the middle of Humber Bay. The Sligo was originally built in 1860 in St. Catharines, named the "Prince of Wales", operated as a schooner-barge. It was eventually rebuilt in 1874 and renamed as the "Sligo".The Sligo sank in September 1918 during some fierce storms on Lake Ontario while carrying a load of limestone.

The area can be fairly silty, so visibility can deteriorate quickly if the bottom is stirred up. Additionally, the water in Humber Bay can vary in temperature dramatically from one day to the other when deeper lake water turns over. With warmer water, visibility is typically poor with higher algae content and other living organisms in the water.

With this wreck within Toronto Harbour limits, a diving permit is required from the Toronto Harbourmaster in order to dive the wreck. The Toronto Police Marine Unit must also be notified prior to diving.

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005, 2007