The Forest City

Photography by Warren Lo 2005

Ship Type: 3 Masted Schooner converted to steamer
Lifespan: Built 1870, Sunk 1904
Length: 213ft
Depths: 60ft to 150ft
Location: Tobermory, Ontario
GPS: N45 18.909 W081 33.422

This wreck lies just off the north east shore of Bear's Rump Island, outside of the harbour at Tobermory. The Forest City is one of the deeper wrecks in Tobermory. The wreck lies at an angle on a slope, with it's bow at about 60 feet, and it's stern in deeper waters down at 150 feet. As such, it is typically considered and advanced to a technical dive. A 3 masted schooner, it was originally launched in Cleveland in 1870 and subsequently converted to a steamer. In June of 1904, it struck the island going full steam while in dense fog. The wreck is fairly intact as it lies in relatively deep water. The boilers are at about 120 feet, with the railing near 140 feet.  

Pictures taken August 24, 2005

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005