The City of Cleveland

Photography by Warren Lo 2005

Ship Type: 4 masted wooden steamer
Lifespan: Launched 1882 (Cleveland, OH), Sunk September 1901
Length: 255ft
Depths: 30ft
Location: 18 miles north of Tobermory, Ontario
GPS: N45.28.222 W081.50.723

This wreck lies in approximately 30 ft of water just off the west shore of Fitzwilliam Island, south of Manitoulin Island. In September 1901, it ran aground during a snowstorm while carrying a load of iron ore. The wreck is spread out over a fairly wide area, with a number of key features intact, including a large propeller, the boilers, and rudder.

The wreck is not dove quite as often as many of the other wrecks in Tobermory as it is about a 18 mile ride out to the wreck through open water, so conditions must be right. Here are some pictures from our dive.

Pictures taken August 23, 2005

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2005